Thursday, 24 November 2011

Benvenuto a Roma

"David"vetrata di strada.
Video del proceso:



estrellita g said...

Muy buenos Borondo!!

carajodeputo said...


Lisergic Synaesthesiae said...

hey man!
Your works here in Rome are amazing! I firstly found them on via Tiburtina and it really turned my senses on ;)

It's great to have your pieces in the streets of San Lorenzo, when you found one is like to smell the unexpected pouncing on your head!

how much will you stay?

Anonymous said...

Vivo en Madrid y acabo de llegar de un viaje a Segovia y me han flipado tus obras de arte callejeras. Enhorabuena man, eres un hacha!

urbanhearts said...

You are creating urban poetry at the highest level.
The pure magic of art in the city, as a gift for everyone to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Borondo,

I'm a French journalist, leaving in Roma. I saw your work in the streets of San Lorenzo, and I would like to know if you'll come back here very soon. Your work is beautiful and I would like to make an interview.
We want to make a reportage the next weeks and it would be very interesting to show the way you work.

Sorry for my bad english, I usually speak French and Italian...
I give you my e-mail:
I'll give you more informations in privacy.

See you soon.

Daphné B.

spacedlaw said...

I found this one on Via Tiburtina. It's missing from your blog...
I would love to see more of your work but it is hard to find.

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